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Darkhive 2023 Recap

Hey Everyone! WOW! What a year. We haven't really posted much about what we've been up to and figured it might be time for a few updates. First thing, we have closed 8 contracts valued at nearly $14M with the US Department of Defense to further the development and fielding of our low-cost autonomous drones. Second, we closed a $4M Seed round led by Crosslink Capital and joined by our friends at Stellar Ventures, MVP Ventures, and Capital Factory. Also, we're opening our new headquarters facility in San Antonio, TX in January of 2024 and we are now a team of 13 here at Darkhive! We are so excited to build and deliver over the coming months for our users around the world. Short and sweet. See you out there! John

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Jungwoo Lee
Jungwoo Lee
Apr 16

I really like your company


Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke
Jan 07

Brilliant news, and congratulations. I'm firmly convinced that Darkhive is one among several firms that are going to define the next few decades of defence: challengers that refine the industry and reduce the standard rampant bureaucracy. Very excited to see where Darkhive goes as we enter the age of autonomy!


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